About Us

The Midlands Pole Championships is the Midland's most exciting pole dancing competition! We had such fantastic feedback from the previous years competition about the venue and how smoothly everything ran we are excited to bring you MPC2021

The competition will be focused on promoting the fitness side of pole dancing where the competitors will be expected to perform a well-rounded routine that encompasses dance, flexibility, strength and fluidity. Most of all we want those taking part and those watching to have fun.

This year we have added an extra sub category into our Performance section. Feedback from MPC2019 competition has made us realise that a performance piece is far more popular than we anticipated, therefore we have separated it into two categories - one for amateur performers and one for the more experienced.

Our categories are as follows: Performance (amateur), Performance (experienced), Intermediate, Advanced, Semi Pro and Doubles.

The Midlands Pole Championships was set up originally by Hannah Capocci-Hunt and Laura Brown, they have now stepped down to pursue other adventures, however the reins have been taken up by Cat Sambell. Finding a new venue and ensuring the competition ran to the highest of standards saw MPC2019 back with a MASSIVE bang. Cat, who is the owner of Twisted Pole studio in Nottingham and was a Professional Finalist in the very first MPC back in 2013 and went onto compete in the finals of MPC 2014 too is extremely excited for what 2021 will bring!