All of our fantastic judges have a wealth of knowledge and experience at all levels of pole dancing, they have all competed to high standards and are well respected within the industry both as pole dancers and judges.

  • Rachel Britton

    Rachel Britton

    Rachel has been pole dancing for 9 years and in that time has gained a wealth of knowledge from teaching, competing and taking classes with a range of renowned instructors.

    She holds a number of titles, including second place and best entertainer at Miss Pole Dance UK professional in 2020, second place instructor and overall best strength at UKPPC 2018 and instructor and overall winner at HTTC 2018.

    She loves strength tricks and creative transitions and combos, and is looking forward to seeing what exciting performances people bring to the stage at the MPC final.

    We are very excited to welcome Rachel back on to our judging panel

  • Annalisa Muresu

    Annalisa Muresu

    Annalisa is the owner of Pole XS in Lincoln and has been judging and teaching workshops on the UK and abroad for quite a few years now. She has also taken part in many competitions and a few of her winning titles include UKPPC instructor champion, IPAAT international expert runner up, as well as other regional competitions when she first started competing (including winning the Midlands pole champ professional category!). She is looking forward to judging this comp again and seeing the finalists shine on stage.

    Welcome back to the judging panel Annalisa!

  • Liam Tipping

    Liam Tipping

    Liam runs Aerial Impulse in Leamington, teaching pole and aerial hoop and works closely with BodySynergy in Birmingham and Academy of Pole in Rugby.

    He has been pole dancing since 2012 and on the way has picked up training aerial hoop, silks, contortion, hand balance, flying trapeze and generally being upside down. Despite all this, he likes to spend most of his time sitting on the floor, telling students to do their other side.

    Some of Liam's competition titles include:

    1st place semi-pro Midlands Pole Championships 2017

    1st place semi-pro Mr Pole Fitness 2018

    1st place in Doubles Heir to the Chrome 2019

    Welcome to the judging panel Liam

  • Jade Bensilum

    Jade Bensilum

    Jade is an instructor and performer who has been training in pole and aerial for around 8 years, she teaches across several different studios aswell as performing internationally and teaching workshops throughout the UK.

    She holds a number of national titles including placing second at Miss Pole Dance UK Professional in 2018, this gave her the opportunity to represent the UK at the World Pole Dance Championships In 2019 where she placed in the top 5!

    Jade has judged a number of competitions including Miss Pole Dance UK, BPSC & Lincolnshire Pole Championships. She is super excited to be on this years panel for Midlands Pole Championships!

    Welcome to the team Jade!

  • Compère Nana Arthole

    Compère Nana Arthole

    We'd love to welcome back to the stage NANA ARTHOLE!

    Ridiculous, rancid and beautiful, Nana Arthole appeared fully formed under a stack of mouldy Women’s Weekly’s in 2013. Starting out as a DJ and host in the Nottingham club-scene, Nana quickly took to the stage to give her theatre background a long overdue birthday, soon becoming known for a quick wit that blends both the dark and the adorable. A fully qualified, self-certified entertainer, if you name it, she’s convinced she can do it! Her wicked charm and flexible skill-set has given her the opportunity to work alongside some of the biggest names in the drag world, as well as appear on big telly more than once. The ladder in her tights is the Stennah Stairlift to purgatory – so why don’t you join this endlessly talented and delusional queen on her ride towards the lowest hanging star!

    Nana Arthole